Regarding enrollment of people living abroad

We can enroll you as a member even if you are living abroad, but the services available to you are limited. Therefore, please proceed the enrollment procedure only if you can acknowledge it.
Please note that the membership benefits and newsletters are not sent directly to overseas. If you wish to receive the benefits overseas, please use an overseas transfer service such as " (".


※ Please be aware that, apart from the usage fee of this site, the usage fee for the overseas transfer service and transfer fee etc. will be charged and all such fees will be at your own expense.
※Please note that it will take more time for the delivery of those benefits than the delivery to Japan, when an overseas transfer service is used.
※ Since "" overseas transfer service is a service of a different company, how to use it or other matters related to such service should be checked on " (".
※ Please note that we cannot deliver concert tickets with any overseas transfer service.
※ Various services on this site are available only in Japanese.